Camping Nightmares

I hate camping. I can’t see the sense in driving a distance to set up a temporary home to sleep on an uncomfy always deflatable blow up mattress when I have my own real home and real bed at home surrounded by a few acres of bushland. It makes no sense.

Breakup Story: SUBMISSIONS

Calling for submissions for breakup stories. Ladies and Gentlemen.. we’ve all been there. I’d love to hear your story.

Why I Stay in a Crap Marriage

Why would you stay in a loveless marriage? I’ll tell you why me, the Gomez Girl does. The time is coming for my escape.

Go Fish: Sanga Please.

So this woman comes in all the time and brings along her 5 year old who orders a salmon roulade or a freaking vegetarian savory muffin because that is what he’s mum tells him he wants.

Hello, I’m Me.

Get me out of here. I am married, I hate him, I hate me and feel there is no way out. I’m trapped by obligation and don’t know what to do…… any suggestions.