Deal Breakers

DO you have a deal breaker when it comes to relationships? Check out the deal breaker list from the Gomez Girls.

Your Sex Report

Yearly Sex Reports on the Rise.
Imagine if you were given a yearly report on your sexual performance.

Kind of like the old school reports for subjects like maths, geography and home economics but based on how you did throughout the year in the sack… or on the table, in the shower or park or wherever you may be a participant.

Camping Nightmares

I hate camping. I can’t see the sense in driving a distance to set up a temporary home to sleep on an uncomfy always deflatable blow up mattress when I have my own real home and real bed at home surrounded by a few acres of bushland. It makes no sense.

Breakup Story: SUBMISSIONS

Calling for submissions for breakup stories. Ladies and Gentlemen.. we’ve all been there. I’d love to hear your story.

My Mundane Life…

Could someone please smother me with a pillow… This cannot be all there is to life..There must be more to life than this mundane nothing.

Hello, I’m Me.

Get me out of here. I am married, I hate him, I hate me and feel there is no way out. I’m trapped by obligation and don’t know what to do…… any suggestions.