Deal Breakers

DO you have a deal breaker when it comes to relationships? Check out the deal breaker list from the Gomez Girls.

Fuck You

What would you say to your EX? NOw you can say FUck You for all the wrongs you did. Come join the thread of Fuck YOUs

The Accidental Cheater

I didn’t mean to cheat. The following is a guest post from a Gomez Girl “I actually had no intention of cheating but when you’re lead to believe that you are not attractive enough for the person who married you for better or worse, the idea of someone, anyone, finding you attractive enough to sleep…

The Divorce Diet

the divorce diet happens when you finally have time to look after yourself because you don’t have to look after a man.

Camping Nightmares

I hate camping. I can’t see the sense in driving a distance to set up a temporary home to sleep on an uncomfy always deflatable blow up mattress when I have my own real home and real bed at home surrounded by a few acres of bushland. It makes no sense.

Mr & Mrs Gomez

I have many emails, dozens, hundreds flooding in asking why I call myself the Gomez Girl. Today I reveal the truth about the name Gomez.

Go Fish: Sanga Please.

So this woman comes in all the time and brings along her 5 year old who orders a salmon roulade or a freaking vegetarian savory muffin because that is what he’s mum tells him he wants.

My Mundane Life…

Could someone please smother me with a pillow… This cannot be all there is to life..There must be more to life than this mundane nothing.