What is a Gomez Girl?

This is not a man hating site, nor is it a relationship hating site.

I love love and want to find love and want the world to be loved up and happy and harmonious…

BUT….. why is it out of the billions in the world we pick the one guy in the same town we happen to be at the time to spend the rest of our lives with?

Possibly because of love, lust, passion, availability, convenience, common morals and beliefs, lack of confidence, lack of choices, oblivious to the fact there are choices.

It may lead to somewhere blissful or these things that brought us together can slowly wear us down and widen the love gap.

Then, even though we know it isn’t working we choose to stay because that’s the habit we have formed in our brain…. that being with someone who doesn’t make us happy is better than the unknown…

BUT:  realistically it’s not their fault at all because we should never rely on anyone for our happiness but we should find our own peace.

Sometimes these are the perfect, the best choices we make…. finding that one partner, male or female in the same town, same room we are in at the same time…. and can live happily ever after.


Follow my blog and the mundane moments to the scary bits of change.

The Gomez Girls is all about women uniting under one surname.  A kind of marriage to one another when we’re left with a name we never choose.

You can read about the whole name thing and decide for yourself.



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