Deal Breakers

Deal Breakers

So we all know there is a line when it comes to what we look for in a man or woman and often overlook little things, possible bad qualities or annoying habits because they are outweighed by goodness but…..

The DEAL BREAKER.. Come on let’s all admit it that you may find the perfect person in every way but one little thing, possibly trivial, possibly ridiculous, highly likely to affect anyone else and maybe your family or friends think you’re a freak, selfish, self absorbed or insane to turn away a near perfect match because of that one thing…

There are the obvious deal breakers like bad breath that can’t be rectified, a sloppy kisser….. clumsy in the sack or calling his mum way too often or not enough..

Maybe your near perfect partner may wear pants that are a little too tight or that buff sculpted adonis cries just a little bit too often. Sure it was endearing, those emotional tears, when he told you for the first time that he loved you.

But then he also cried when someone told him his tattoo of a rose looked like a tomato. He cried when an old lady beat him to the perfect parking spot  but laughed at his mum’s tears when her cat died….  confusing.

Anyway. Back to the deal breakers. I interviewed 4000 people…. sorry mistake….. I asked around my circle of friends, workmates and people the local bar what their DEAL BREAKERS where and the list was surprising.

There are some very strange people in the world and the bar and some very low standards in accepting a life partner.

Here it is.


List of DEAL Breakers (as said from the GG Skwad)

The Gomez Guys List

  • Imperfect teeth. They must be straight, white and dazzling.  Anything less I’m out.
  • Skinny, see you later.   I love curvy girls.
  • Unpainted toenails.   She must be foot proud  (foot fetish)
  • Be sporty and willing to follow me to every footy match otherwise bye…
  • Like VB (Vic Bitter for all you non Aussies.  Beer)  No VB, No me.
  • Vegetarian She’s gotta love a good steak. And if she’s a vegan well  I don’t care if she’s Miranda Kerr if she can’t wear ugg boots or walk on my cow hide rug there’s no point in trying.
  • If she doesn’t like camping we won’t work out.
  • One of those pestering women.  She has to let me do my own thing.  I’ve had me friends for years and they take first place. Mates first then the missus second.  I’m happy for her to do her thing but I don’t want no chick calling me to see what time I’ll be home.
  • Must love wine.  I went out with a woman once, perfection. Successful, beautiful but she loved a beer.  She wouldn’t even try a wine and I don’t like beer so it didn’t work out.
  • Chicks that consult their girlfriends about every aspect of our relationship… surely it’s our relationship and if they can’t make their own decisions on OUR life then I say Good Bye…


The Gomez Girl List

  • Anyone unemployed.  They must have a job, not for the money but to show committment and that they can get up in the morning.
  • A poor man.  Ta ta.   The old saying it’s just as easy to love a rich man is true.
  • Any man shorter than me.  They must be taller than themselves even by one cm.
  • A manchild.  They need to have domestic skills and be able to do the basics like their own washing.
  • Footy or cricket.  I want our Saturdays full of brunches not balls.
  • If they haven’t got the perfect Roman nose I can’t find them attractive.. Very limiting but…
  • Texters!  I say to them BYE.   A real man calls not texts like a teenager.
  • A dating appaholic.  He must be totally off all dating apps if he’s seriously interested in me.
  • The self absorbed dater: Listen. I’m  over going on dates and having them talk about themselves all night.  I give them a second chance thinking it may because of nerves but seriously, if I have to sit there on the second date for more than twenty minutes of them just talking and not asking anything about me, I just up and leave.
  • Shoes.  I can’t go out with someone who wears sneakers, joggers all the time. I don’t care how sporty you are just change it up sometimes.
  • OMG! Guys that wear those 3/4 white pants no socks and sandshoes.  And if they have the stripy shirt to match well I actually run screaming for my life.
  • Smell.  I always go for guys that smell nice.  I don’t have any particular type, I’ve dated tall, short, handsome, poor, less attractive men purely because they smell nice.  I don’t care if it’s cheap Linx I just like the smell mixed with the man.

Hmmmm interesting.

How about you?  Do you have a deal breaker?

I think mine would be if he  limited my intake of chocolate and champagne. I would say, “Cheers, it was nice knowing you” xo GG

Pic sources

Photo by Dani Vivanco on Unsplash Photo by Nicholas Gercken on UnsplashPhoto by rawpixel on Unsplash


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