Fuck You

Give your EX the Bird today.

Hmmm that’s a nice title isn’t it???

But in the world of break ups the three words I LOVE YOU can be quickly replaced those two words…. FUCK YOU.!

If you can’t say the words, give them the bird by raising that middle finger.

I asked around random people, Gomez Girls and Guys, on what they would say to an EX they came up with these FUCK YOUs…

List of FUCK YOUs

  • FUCK YOU for always asking what is for dinner.  And then complaining about the meal that I cooked…. too much salt, more salt, not hot enough, I wanted stirfry.
  • FUCK YOU for never once buying or picking me flowers. Prince Harry picked Meghan’s bouquite.  I love Harry.
  • FUCK YOU for being a sloth of a man who couldn’t even brush his teeth except if his mum came around.
  • FUCK YOUR mum for blaming me that you were a sloth, like it’s my responsibilty to bathe you.  you’re not a child you’re a fucking adult.
  • FUCK YOU for demanding me to make all the decisions because you were so fucking busy then blaming me for when they went wrong.
  • FUCK YOU for never buying me takeaway!  You’d go get KFC, bring it home and then complain if I steal a chip. For fuck’s sake I cooked for you everynight yet for you to give me a chip or even a meal would be a drama.
  • FUCK YOU for never, ever picking up your skanky dirty clothes ever. Did you ever fucking think how they appeared in your freaking wardrobe?
  • FUCK YOU for randomly inviting your friends around for dinner or drinks then asking me to ‘whip up somehting’ or ‘go get us some drinks would ya’.  FUCK ME for putting up with your bullshit for so long.
  • FUCK YOU for never listening to me when I told you that blue looks good on you and you would never wear it but then Cheryl from the office tells that you would look good in blue and suddenly it’s your favorite color.  AND BTW FUCK Cheryl…  Oh right, you are fucking Cheryl…
  • FUCK YOU for watching what I eat, ordering me to go to the gym, demanding I stay a blonde, and all this while you were on the roids being the biggest fake stinky mucsle head.
  • FUCK YOU for taking control of my cards and allowing me a measly allowance to buy the basics of life.
  • FUCK YOU for not letting me go to my old friend’s funeral.  He was the past and now he had passed and the moment to say goodbye is gone forever.  So  fuck you for being so insecure because of a dead person I loved.
  • FUCK YOU for not allowing me to buy avodcados.  Yes they are a bit pricey but avocados are yum and you should have given up your stupid fresh blueberries because they cost just as much.
  • FUCK YOU for never saying thankyou for anything. No thanks for all the mundane boring crap housework I did, no thanks for raising our kids into decent adults, no thanks for making and packing your lunch everyday and no thanks for mowing the fucking lawns.  FUCK YOU.
  • FUCK YOU for making me feel guilty for buying a new hair straightener when you went and bought a new stereo on the same day.  Prioroties freak.
  • FUCK YOU for being a fucking vegan and trying to recruit me into this ridiculous cult.  Get some meat into you and eggs and sit on a leather seat.
  • FUCK YOU for not liking my cat.  He is loyal, faithful and keeps me warm at night. I love my cat more than you which is why we broke up.
  • FUCK YOU for sleeping with my best mate.  I gave you everything, endless supply of cash, my time, a little family, holidays.  It still wasn’t enough. FUCK YOU for wasting my time.

I think the common theme here aside from FUCK YOU is that we can allow ourselves to be manipulated or accept the behaviour of others because of love. Although it’s not always easy to walk away it is possible to work up the courage to speak out or say FUCK YOU.  Believe it or not your partner may be oblivious to their behaviour and may deserve a chance to rectify it.

BUT if they are obcviously an idiot tell them to FUCK OFF.

Do you have a FUCK YOU that you want to get off your chest?  Scroll scroll down and let us know.



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