Marriage Isn’t A Fight Club

Rules of the Gomez Girls:

First Rule of the Gomez Girls is you tell all of your friends about the Gomez Girls.

Second Rule of the Gomez Girls is you tell all your friends about the Gomez Girls.

Third Rule of the Gomez Girls is if you’re in a relationship where you yell stop, goes limp, taps out, the relationship is highly likely over.

Fourth Rule of the Gomez Girls  if there are more than two people in the relationship move on.  Unless of course you are a polygamist or are mutually happy to share or are non committed…… or have a child or four then they will be the centre of your relationship so you stop thinking it is still just about you two and focus on your family dynamic and not move on but make it totes awesome and fun unless it’s not fun and loving then  or seek assistance to leave for the sake of the children and yourself.

Yes yes I kind of stole the rules of the Fight Club but when you think about a relationship it is much the same as surviving a battle.  In The Fight Club you may get physically hurt but can that compare the the angst, the emotional pain of a bad relationship?

First Rule of the Gomez Girlsistell all your friends about the Gomez Girls....

The Fight Club sees a insomniac creating a cult where unfulfilled men become brainwashed in a way to be part of an clandestine cult who end up being soldier like creating havoc.

Like an the nameless insomniac in the Fight Club, being part of a bad relationship sees your mind muddled, blurred to a place where you are unsure of reality and how escape unharmed.  The relationship may not be bad but it might not be great either and you sit on the fence undecided to stay or go until years pass and both you and your partner have wasted a decade of a  blissful rich life of love together because either one of you wanted to ‘deal with it.’

You may push others away for fear of being exposed as unhappy which will seem utterly ridiculous once you’re out but at the time you may cut off ties and make endless excuses to why you can’t make it to barbeques or parties because you don’t want to go out in public and have your relationship compared to others around you.

Or you may hide because you feel you’ve failed… I’ve seen others ask a dozen or more friends plus strangers at the bus stop what they should do…

Here’s an idea.. Get rid of the crowd or escape from the solitude and create a tight knit network of your own of good honest loyal people called friends who don’t try to influence you to do what they think you should do but encourage you to be safe and happy.

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Find them, those who are willing to be there for you, should you ever need them and be there for them.  Let one another know that you can have a break from the bedlam in your mind by crashing at theres’ on occasion to clear your head, to find a balance and norm again and remember who you were BR (before the relationship) and if you’re happy in the DR (during relationship)

But do become a Gomez Girl.  Offer a friend a key to your home and tell them to use it anytime they need to escape the mundane, the loneliness the madness of life.


You can read free sample here of The Gomez Girls the book.

Please Note:

I am not a relationship expert, or any expert and the opinions above are my thoughts and totally possibly wrong and could be damaging if taken seriously.  Please seek help if you are stuck in any relationship or situation that may be harmful.




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  1. Coyote from Orion says:



  2. Coyote from Orion says:

    Toxic behaviors or group toxic behaviors aren’t worth it. They hack shit on you whether you participate or not.
    It ain’t my business what anyone else says about me… no matter how dangerous their bitching might be. Truth will out. A good relationship with oneself is the best one


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