Mr & Mrs Gomez

The Gomez Girl

I have many emails, dozens, hundreds flooding in asking why I call myself the Gomez Girl.

Gomez is a common Spanish surname and I’m from down under Melbourne rather far away from Spain and a contrast in cultures.  Gomez means man and I’m a woman and I’d like to think a feminist.  So why would I choose to call myself after a man from Spain??

Here’s a hint.

Da da da dum….

Yes for me it’s all about Gomez Addams.  He is someone to swoon over. The ultimate gentlemen.  He is dashing and debonair in his looks and has an old word charm.

He wore a suit or a smoking jacket around the house and kept his moustache tidy and onyx hair slick.

He didn’t care if there were cobwebs hanging from the ceiling, he embraced them.

Gomez Addams was the ultimate eccentric patriarch, possible a little bit dodgy with his business and was on the Forbes Fictional 15 Richest Men coming in at number twelve with an estimated fortune of 2 billion dollars. (Scrooge mcduck coming in at number one with 28.8 billion)   Yet Gomez wasn’t ruled by the dollar and was generous with his money and time.

But mostly he was fun, gentle and adored his wife.  He thought Morticia was the bomb and worshipped the ground she walked on.   When she spoke french he couldn’t help but kiss her arm as she sat taunting him with her words.

He knew how to treat a lady and valued his family.  Gomez was a little quirky but a straight shooter.

Together, he and Morticia would sit in their deck chairs in the blackness of night with the lunar light taking a moon bath and you knew for certain they would live happily ever after together or once dead in the afterlife….

I want to be Gomez’s girl or at least find my Gomez.  One that values my opinion, like Gomez does Morticia’s.  One who is gentle and unfazed by my clumsiness or obsession with death.

Oh Gomez, I know you’re not real but if you’re out there I will find you… but not until I have left my husband and first find myself.

Who is your ultimate man, or woman, real or fictional?  I’d love to know.   Scroll down and tell me.

xo GG

Pic © 1964 Creative Commons


3 Comments Add yours

  1. He is pretty dapper that Gomez.


  2. Awesome. I think I may change my surname to Gomez.


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