My Mundane Life…

My Daily Routine.

  • Woken up by some random rooster.Lie in bed forever contemplating how to survive another day.
  • Remember I don’t want to survive another day and hope that a truck will collide with my car head on as I drive to work.
  • Finally get up and have a super quick shower as not to use all the hot water as that would piss off my already demanding husband.
  • Get dressed in my standard black coffee shop clothes ready for work.
  • Make a crap cup of muddy instant coffee.
  • Have coffee black as there is only enough milk for one coffee and I can’t deal with the husband being more angry at me because I used all the milk.
  • Catch my reflection in the stainless kettle and see a pimple ready to pop so I squeeze it to oblivion.
  • Reapply makeup to the big red spot on my cheek left from the pimple extraction.
  • Think of ten excuses I can use not to go to work.
  • Think that the only option I have is to go to work as my husband R is home every day and I would rather be at work hating it than be in the same vicinity as him.
  • Think about anything I have to do before I go to ensure he has no reason to crack it and lecture me when I get home.
  • Go to work.
  • GG xx

    How’s your day going?  Is it as boring and as F^&% as mine?


One Comment Add yours

  1. I think you need therapy. Or a way out…


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